Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sweet N Spicy

Due to Thanksgiving, we rescheduled martini night from tonight to last night!  This week was the "Sweet and Spicy" martini.


Cinnamon Vodka, Sweet Vermouth, and Orange Liqueur

We made cinnamon vodka by infusing vodka with cut up cinnamon sticks for a couple hours.

This worked out perfectly, in the final prodcut you are definitly able to taste the flavor of the cinnamon.  

As for the garnish we went with figs and cinnamon sticks.

I quartered the figs, and then cut slits into the back of them so that  I could slide them onto the rim of the martini glass.

Here are the Final Products:

 This martini was AMAZING!  We really enjoyed it, and will definitly be making it again!

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