Monday, October 17, 2011

Fright Night-tini

Last week was EXTREMELY busy so I am a bit behind on my posts!  Halloween is almost here, and it is one of my favorite holidays!!  In honor of this amazing holiday, we did a Halloween themed martini, called Fright Night.  I have a collection of hand-painted Lolita martini glasses, and each one comes with a recipe on the bottom, and this was one of them!

The recipe is equal parts vodka and hazelnut liquor.  That's it!  Super simple!

Just shake the two ingrediants, and pour into a frozen martini glass.

Now time for the garnish.  In keeping with the halloween theme, we choose candy corn as our garnish.

Normally I HATE candy corn but these were flavored candy corn one flavor being caramel.  It was definitely an improvement on the traditional candy corn, although still not my favorite.  Candy corn is very fragile as I found out, which made it very difficult to do as I had planned which was to cut a slit in them, and slide them onto the rim of the glass.  I was successful with one, (botton pic) and the rest just crumbled apart. 

I also decided to throw some of the candy corn directly into the glass, which was good in theory, but the longer they stayed, the sweeter the martini got, until it became too sweet for me to drink!

Here is my final product.

And because I slacked on my posts last week, here are some of my culinary highlights from the week.

Pinto Bean and Chicken Chili:


Chicken seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic seasoning, two cans of pinto beans, chicken broth, cayenne pepper, green chili peppers and a jalepeno.

This was delicious!  One tip- be sure to wash your hands throughly after cutting up the jalepeno!!! I did not do that, and ended up getting some in my eye, not a great feeling.

Brown Rice and Black Bean Casserole

This was our Taco Tuesday dinner, and was also very delicious!


Chicken, black beans, brown rice, cheddar cheese, green chili peppers, cayenne pepper, cilanto, tomatoes, red onion, lime zest and sour cream.

Cheese and Cracker Appetizer

Brie Cheese, Irish Aged Cheddar, and Pepper Boursin.  This appetizer was so good, it also ended up being our dinner!

My first home-made pumpkin spice latte!

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