Monday, October 3, 2011

The City of Lights

Las Vegas may not be NEW for me, but it is definitely always an adventure! And of course, all adventures are born from trying out new things.  The first adventure we did in Vegas was a trip to the Minus 5 Ice Bar.  Inside this bar is made entirely of ice, right down to the drink glasses.  They even give you coats, gloves, and Ugg boots to keep warm. You can also upgrade to a "fur" coat and hat.  I highly recommend this place, it is an amazing experience!!

After Minus 5 we headed over to Mix nightclub in Mandalay Bay.  This bar is on the 64th floor, and has an absolutely gorgeous view.  It is definitely worth your time, amazing view, good music, and plenty of seating- even if you do not get bottle service, which is almost unheard of in Vegas clubs!

The View

For lunch Saturday we stopped at Hussong's, a Mexican restaurant that made the first margarita way back when.  So of course I had to try one of their original concoctions.  This one included muddled cucumber and jalapeno  SO delicious!

Saturday turned into a margarita kind of day with the Grand Opening of the Margaritaville Casino in the Flamingo.  We were very excited to hear that the grand opening was occurring during our trip! I loved the decor in the casino, and the fact that is all brand new and clean!  

Of course you cannot go to Margaritaville without having a Margarita, and because it was the grand opening of the casino, we had to go big!  Here is our amazing margarita!

We spent Saturday night in a chandelier, yes that's right a chandelier.  We went to the Chandelier Bar in The Cosmopolitan.  It is a gorgeous three floor bar with crystals hanging everywhere inside and out.  This is definitely a unique experience that you must try on your next Vegas visit.  

That wraps up my adventure in Vegas, remember a new experience a day, keeps the doctor away!

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  1. I love the minus 5 bar so fun, haven't done any of the other fun stuff you did but sounds like such a fun new adventure!